Murphy’s Law- “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”

I am convinced that Murphy was a Real Estate professional!Murphys law

Buying and selling a home is not rocket science that’s for sure, but there are a lot of nuances.

In 2014 the purchase or sale of a house can be extremely complicated. It is not as easy as most people believe. That is why we currently are experiencing a 50% fall out of escrow ratio. Simply put, half of the homes that are in escrow will not close escrow.

That may seem shocking but it is true. You might be wondering why? And how do I keep this from happening to me?

In this Real Estate market there are a lot of variables. This is a crazy market and the wrong agent could cost a buyer the home they love and the seller tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention potential law suits.

Some of the issues to consider:

  • Volatile interest rates
  • New federal laws affecting the housing market
  • Low housing inventory
  • New lending guidelines
  • The Federal Reserve

Now more than ever a Real Estate professional should be well versed in lending guidelines, contract law, State and Federal regulation, new laws, tax implications etc. If a Real Estate professional is not prepared it could be the beginning of a very lengthy and difficult process. It doesn’t have to be that way it just often is.

The Real Estate professional should be exactly that, a professional who can guide counsel and advise his or her clients on how to make intelligent and well thought out has never been more important. He or she should be able to help them explore all options. A Real Estate agent should never be salesmen. You can’t sell a house, it sells itself.

The Key is education because buying or selling a home should be one of the best experiences of your life not the worst!

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The Barasch Group, Inc. is a professional Real Estate firm located in Los Angeles California. Michael Barasch has been the President and CEO of the company since its inception in 2003.Michael has made it his goal to change the public’s perception of the residential Real Estate industry and the Real Estate professional. He believes that education. Information guidance and counsel will empower the potential home buyer and seller to better understand the Real Estate process. Michael truly believes that a Real Estate professional in not a salesman, he is a financial adviser of hard assets. Michael is an award-winning agent servicing the Los Angeles area for over 15 years. He has been consistently ranked in the top 1% of all residential Real Estate professionals nationwide. He has been a guest speaker on numerous Real Estate panels, and he has been a training agent for many prominent Los Angeles area Real Estate companies. Michael brings his knowledge and expertise to help more people get informed, up to date and in the know!

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