Real Estate experts and articles are a poor source of reliable information.

Reports, data and statistics only tell part of the story.
        There is a very good reason why Real Estate articles and reports are often very misleading.
I can’t think of any other industry where the general public is so consumed by data.
How’s the market? If I had a dollar for every time I hear that question I could retire.
It seems like everyone wants to know what state of the market is on any given day. There’s a good reason for this.The housing market affects the economy and people’s lives on almost every level.
That’s why there are many so-called experts. It seems like there are opinion pieces everywhere, in the newspaper, online, finical networks, and so on.
It never stops.
Here is the truth!
The housing market is extremely local in nature. It is actually very different from neighborhood to neighborhood, street to street. In today’s housing market, it can actually vary from house to house.
You can’t take an article that claims the prices are up 20% and apply the knowledge to your home.
Price escalation can vary drastically from region to region, and state to state. The truth is the market is unique to your home, and your particular area.
  • Is your home remodeled?
  • Is your home priced to sell?
  • How does your home compare to other sales in your neighborhood?
  • Is your home marketed well?
  • How realistic are you?
  • Has your agent help to give you proper guidance?
  • Is your home staged?
  • Did your realtor use professional photography?
These and other questions are far more important than the overall market.
-Michael Barasch
The Barasch Group


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